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Dedicated to the golden era of General Hospital, circa 1978-2002, as well as its resurgence, 2012-present.
I really like your blogs it so nice to see the memories. Thanks.
ghclassic ghclassic Said:

Thanks for writing that. Good to know you enjoy it. :)

One thing I savor about what I do is the relationships that I’ve earned over the years. Becky Herbst and I have been working together for 17 years. I’ve seen how everything has evolved over the years, and I’ve seen all three of her kids being born. Because it’s personal, I would have to say I’d like to see him with Elizabeth.

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If we aren’t get a decently written Lucky back and if Emily is just going to remain dead-dead, then I am for a Nikolas and Elizabeth pairing, too. But only if the writers dive in and make them fall deeply together.

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So what do you think about billy miller being cast as Jason?
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I think it’s awesome. He’s an incredible actor, GH couldn’t have done better. I watched YR for just a few short months on/off and he was the first character aside from Steve Burton’s that I took almost immediate interest in. He’s very talented.

I’ve been wanting Jason recasted for a long time now, I think he’s such an important character to the canvas and has such a rich history with SO many different characters it was time for a recast. And I think enough time has passed since Steve left that the transition for Billy Miller will be easy, much easier than Emme’s immediate recast for Lulu. The fan reaction has been pretty positive, I’m excited!

I’m most looking forward to Jason/Sonny, Jason/Carly, Jason/Michael, and of course Jason/Sam. And I’m actually REALLY looking forward to JnR being revisited. I mean Robin put aside her whole life to save Jason, they are going to be very closely bonded because of that.

I agree, as well. I am also looking the Monica/Jason reunion. She could use a smile. :)


"Arabian Adventure" 1979 Emma Samms

Happy Birthday Emma Samms!


Picasso Trigger (1988)

This is Steve Bond - GH’s Jimmy Lee Holt - in this 80s flick.

Hi, my name is Jason Thompson and I’ve been called out to do the ice bucket challenge on several occasions. I haven’t actually done the water over my head, and there’s a reason for that! Every time I leave General Hospital, my hair and make up always looks so good I don’t want to ruin that. So I skipped the water and went straight to donating, and I encourage you do to the same thing. (x)



Luke and Laura’s Wedding

Photo: Everett Collection. Genie Francis as Laura Webber on “General Hospital,” 1981. The wedding of Luke and Laura was watched by a whopping 30 million viewers, making it the highest-rated hour in the history of American soap operas.


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39 years ago — “It’s a Brand New Day on ABC!” — ABC TV 1975 daytime programming (TV Guide, July 5, 1975).

Bob Hastings (Chief Burt Ramsey aka Mr. Big) has died.
Article on his death at We Love Soaps
General Hospital

Bob Hastings (Chief Burt Ramsey aka Mr. Big) has died.

Article on his death at We Love Soaps

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