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Dedicated to the golden era of General Hospital, circa 1978-2002, as well as its resurgence, 2012-present.
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MAC: Robin. Oh, I can’t believe I’m holding you.
ROBIN: I can’t believe you held out this long.


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General Hospital [1963-present]

General Hospital, classic scenes!

Except for the odd and unnecessary Richard Simmons intrusion, I loved everything about Mac & Felicia’s wedding. If we didn’t have the new writing/production team, we would never have had any of this. I thank them again and again. #GH 

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Well, I was wrong. It was not the real Kevin, or Ryan, or anyone else I expected.

Bananas, as Emma said.

Ok, I don’t read the spoilers or what is coming next, but I have a guess as to who the surprise guest is at Mac & Felicia’s wedding…

Don’t read further if you don’t want to know…

I think it is Kevin, the real Kevin, and we are going to find out the Kevin we have been seeing these past few months has been Ryan posing as his brother once again. Just a hunch…

What do you think?


Do you agree with Felicia’s choice?

Yup! 100% - Mac and Felicia are much better than Frisco and Felicia.


#GH50 - Happy Birthday General Hospital!!

Happy Birthday GH!


Mac, Felicia, & Robin

John J. York, Kristina Wagner & Kimberley McCullough
General Hospital


Mac, Felicia, & Robin

John J. York, Kristina Wagner & Kimberley McCullough

General Hospital


General Hospital ~ 50 Years of Superwomen (Tribute)

A video tribute to nearly 50 years of General Hospital’s leading ladies.Starting from the very beginning, 1963 to present day ~ 2012This video is a collaborative effort; produced by four diehard GH soap-lovers from different viewing eras of the show.*1964nickel & romabriere (60’s, 70’s, 80’s) *Donelys3 (80’s, 90’s)*butterfly7704 (90’s and millennium)We hope you enjoy! :)Our Leading Ladies - In order of appearance in the video:1)Jessie Brewer 2)Lucille March (Audrey’s sister) 3)Audrey Hardy 4)Lesley Webber 5)Monica Quartermaine 6)Tracy Quartermaine7)Lila Quartermaine8)Laura Webber-Spencer9)Bobbie Spencer 10)Heather Webber11)Tiffany Hill-Donely 12)Holly Sutton-Scorpio13)Felicia Jones14)Anna Devane 15)Elizabeth Webber 16)Robin Scorpio 17)Emily Quartermaine 18)Alexis Davis19)Lulu Spencer 20)Carly Jacks21)Maxie Jones 22)Sam McCall23)Brenda Barrett 24)Lucy Coe25)Helena Cassadine

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Great tribute video to the women of GH!