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Luke and Laura’s Wedding

Photo: Everett Collection. Genie Francis as Laura Webber on “General Hospital,” 1981. The wedding of Luke and Laura was watched by a whopping 30 million viewers, making it the highest-rated hour in the history of American soap operas.


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Luke & Laura

Luke & Laura

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I hope Laura is back soon. Seemed to me that this exit to France seemed kind of rushed. She is back and suddenly Scott gives her up? After all these years and he finally marries her again and … boom. And then, minutes later, after Lulu has her baby and Luke is still trying to find his cure, she leaves for France? Hope this doesn’t mean Genie wanted off. Want Laura and Luke back in town, if not seen all the time, then now and then, like Mac and Felicia.

Come back, Laura!

Scotty & Laura’s wedding.

Great set of pics from the wedding. Lesley looks so tiny now!


“Lesley returns in time to talk to Laura about marrying Scott.”

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Hate spoilers, but stumbled across this one and was happy to see that Lesley will be coming back! Yay!


This is what makes soaps great! Four generations of family. So glad to see Lesley back, hope she hangs around. We don’t need to see everyone every day, but knowing they are in town and could appear any time is a great feeling.

So yeah, posted this to the wrong Tumblr. LOL :)

LAURA: We don’t fit anymore.
LUKE: And it’s time to let it go.

Sad scenes. Good to see them happy for each other and moving on, I guess. But I think I prefer Luke and Laura together, not apart.

Luke & Laura’s 15th Wedding Anniversary

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General Hospital Cast: Visits The Katie Couric Studio